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ScrewCapInitiative owner Vincent Branch.

ScrewCapInitiative owner Vincent Branch.

Hello and Welcome to ScrewCapInitiative.com, We are a group of Wine Makers and Lovers who made sure that the fashion in wine making and drinking will be shared to the community. Wine is an elegant drink which can be enjoyed if taken with proper discipline and behavior, not to mention it also provide known health benefits if taken with a considerate amount.

The founder of this site, Vincent Branch, has been into wine industry for quite sometime now, and together with the growing members of this community we are to provide guides and different articles related to wine.

Here are some few sample contents you may read:

Researchers from medical school reported that red wine has an anti-aging properties. In particular, Resveratrol was the compound found to have the valuable impact. The Resveratrol in wine originates from the skins of red grapes. Cranberries, nuts, and blueberries are additionally sources of Resveratrol. The Resveratrol enhances the health and strength of mice on a high-fat diet and expands life span. Normal consumption of most alcoholic beverages builds the danger of breast cancer. However, red wine, admission has the opposite impact. In the Journal of Woman’s Health, the researchers clarified that chemicals in the skins, seeds of red grapes lessen estrogen levels while bringing testosterone up in premenopausal ladies which brings out the lower danger of creating breast tumor. Most studies point to a higher danger of breast growth from expanding fermented beverages, because liquor raises a lady’s estrogen levels, which supports the development of the cancer cells. Red wine can stop the out of control blood cell development in the eye that causes blindness and also may protect the brain from stroke damages. Wine is better than other alcoholic beverages in raising levels of omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells and plasma. Red wine consumption may diminish lung cancer risk. A cell reinforcement part in red wine may be protective lung cancer, especially among smokers.

With that all said, may you enjoy visiting this site from time to time and never hesitate to consider checking our related sites for more information’s. You may also Reach Us, Here.

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