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Let’s not forget that at the beginning of the 1970s, a very similar debate raged about the use of stainless steel tanks.

At the time, consumers were convinced that great wines could only be made in oak barrels !

Michel Laroche

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Mas La Chevalière

The Languedoc is legendary is French winemaking history, as it was here where the Romans first planted vines in 4BC. Michel Laroche was one of the pioneers of the resurgence of quality winemaking in the South of France in the early 1980s and in 1996, he created Mas La Chevalière - a state of the art winery in the grounds of a splendid 18th century guesthouse.

The common goal shared by Michel and his winemaking team is to produce wines that truly reflect the diversity of the Southern French varietals, climate and terroir through wines such as their iconic red, La Croix Chevalière or the Mas La Chevalière red and white wines.

Route de Murviel
Beziers 34500

Telephone: +33467498830

Current wines under Screwcap   
Brand Name Wine Name Color Varietal Vintage
Laroche Mas La Chevalière white chardonnay / viognier 2004
Laroche Rosé rosé 2005/2004
Laroche Chardonnay white chardonnay 2005
Laroche Terret white terret 2005
Laroche Chardonnay Terret white chardonnay / terret 2005
Laroche Sauvignon Blanc white sauvignon blanc 2005
Laroche Trois Grappes white 2005
Laroche Viognier white viognier 2005
Laroche Merlot red merlot 2005
Laroche Syrah red syrah 2005
Laroche Cabernet Sauvignon red cabernet sauvignon 2005
Laroche Grenache red grenache 2005
Laroche Trois Grappes red 2005
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